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Topaz Adjust Review – and The 57 Chevy

Topaz Adjust Review – and The 57 Chevy
Topaz Adjust Review   and The 57 Chevy photo

Image by Stuck in Customs
I’ve found a wonderful new piece of software! It’s called Topaz Adjust and I’ve written a full Topaz Adjust Review here on the site. People send me software all the time to review, but I only end up reviewing stuff that I actually use. Eric Yang, one of the gurus over at Topaz, also gave me a Topaz Adjust Coupon Code of "STUCKINCUSTOMS" for 10% off to pass along to my readers. I think you will like it as much as I do! I actually recommend the Topaz Bundle (for MAC or PC), but you can read more about why inside the review.

Below is a shot of a ’57 Chevy. I saw it when walking back to the Magnolia Hotel on Friday night after dinner in Dallas. I took a photo of this pretty car under the blue lights of the porte-cochere, went upstairs to my room, downloaded the Topaz Bundle software, made the adjustments, and had the whole thing finished in less than 30 minutes. That quick turnaround speaks to how easy the software is to use. I’ve since used it on a number of other images, including some unpublished ones.


  1. 708718

    YES.. Classic Car… Classic Photo
    :) Good Work As always

  2. Edgar González

    My oh my!!!!!
    Wonderful! (as usual)

  3. Rahil.

    super cool

  4. don j schulte @ oxherder arts

    Excellent effect assuming this is a single image. Will have to look into this software.

  5. ecstaticist

    I have been using topaz adjust for some time and I agree. It is very useful and simple, especially when working with single files i.e. no bracketed shots available.

  6. ZekaG

    Used it before, but will give it another try… Thanks Trey.

  7. Bonemer ( Abdulaziz Al - Duwisan )

    amazing colors man …

  8. Jasim.

    Excellent work!!
    i really like the color

  9. Archer's Eye

    what did the original look like?
    ahh… I see now on your site

  10. thewoodenshoes

    Wowza’s Trey, that’s super-d-duper. Those colors scream milkshake! Nice!

  11. Stuck in Customs

    hey thanks!…

    Yes, I do have the "orig" over there on the review site.

  12. Toucanzoo

    Very nice classic car.

  13. Ventura Carmona

    Please add this beautiful photo to CITRIT,Best of yours!
    Citrit group

  14. Ernie Fischhofer (off & on w/ hockey season!)

    Beautiful Trey … deserving of some ooooo’s & ahhhhhh ‘s ;)

  15. colin.berry

    Great shot. I like the simplify preset. I sometimes use it instead of noise reduction

  16. nrtphotos

    What do you like better? Topaz Or Lucis???? This makes it hard to decide…


    woowwww! amazing

  18. Waleed Almotar

    great photo

  19. Keraoc 365

    Chevy cars rulz. Amazing picture.

  20. Ryan O. Hicks

    liking the blue

  21. *Cake

    That is one trippy car with some interesting colours :)

  22. Boris Mitendorfer Photography

    Cool colors and reflections, Trey!
    Even the original shot is very good, but Topaz effect makes it much better.
    Thank you for review on this very simple to use software.

  23. sseme

    awesome capture! will try Topaz too!

  24. Vincent Montibus

    Once again your picture is just incredible !!! The purple/blue lights are anwsome !

  25. Jurassic-O

    Gorgeous shot. Fantastic colours.

  26. ftoomschb

    Great processing for this subject – respects the metal! :) Great shine…

  27. Lee Orchard Photography (LeoPhotography)

    love the colours and the side on composition

  28. Kris Kros


  29. dopamineharper

    fantastic blue light!

  30. GR58

    Very nice…great reflections!

  31. iamguava - ไอแอมฝรั่ง

    Great stuff Trey

  32. Marti Wills


  33. .Cayetano

    Beautiful colors

  34. umair sharif

    beautiful ! the whole composition is just wow !

  35. Eduardo Dias Gontijo


  36. oOcekaOo [Catchin' up]

    Brilliant !

  37. oneduke99

    Animations - wow 001GREAT SHOT! NIce car

  38. JGo9

    Yeah I’m a big fan of Topaz Adjust. It can really create some amazing images and it’s ultra easy to use.

  39. ill-tempered [Jakov Cordina]

    Fantastic shot.. I love the car too!

  40. Takadanobaba Kurazawa

    great love it

  41. Ah Hman

    it’s about time you are using topaz ..haha! try it after HDR…I love that combo! The noise reduction is amazing!! ;-p

  42. Kim.Kozlowski

    Great shoot. Thanks for the info on Topanz Adjust, sounds like it’s worth checking out.

  43. Samantha Decker

    Great work with topaz…I love topaz, wish I had had this coupon code sooner though! :(

  44. {John Telger Photography}

    EXCELLENT capture. What a beautiful car. :-)
    Interesting information also…..i’ll have to check it out. Thanks.

  45. Socceraholic

    this is a hot photo! :D
    loved the processing.. i’m sure im gonna check this software out!

  46. fotophriendly

    Gr8 capture of this awesome classic!

  47. Chantal Steyn

    Beautifully done!

    Seen on mail.google.com (?²ˣ)

  48. SFK-R photo-graphics

    I luv it! Great Shot!

  49. Adrian World

    very cool software and a beauty of a classic

    http://www.stuckincustoms.com/topaz-adjust-review/ (?)

  50. Stuck in Customs

    Very cool – sounds like some of you have used Topaz and you like it as much as I do! :)

  51. susan_r4

    Super shot of a classic chevy!

  52. A Glimpse of Blessings (Andrea ;-))


  53. ViaMoi

    I wrote a bit on Topaz the other day….. but sadly have no coupon to offer anyone…. lol
    Nice Topaz plug and example, as usual.

  54. Taylor.McBride™

    I really love the colour contrast here Trey! and the reflection from the car is crazy!!
    have a great day my friend:)

  55. Kröyer

    Great processing, can’t wait to try out the software.

  56. StGrundy

    Great job, my friend. You are what makes Flickr interesting!


    Please see my latest: Bokeh Beads (HBW).

    Seen in my contacts’ Explore photos. (?)

  57. _DaveAdams

    Been using Topaz adjust for about 6 months, can get some great results from it with little out having to do too much, especially with some of the standard presets that the software comes with.

    Can also turn out some great results if you post-process an HDR with the Topaz Adjust filter as well –

    Bugatti 35T at Silverstone

  58. Maureen Bond

    oh this is so hot….I love taking car shots

    Seen in the interestingness archives. (?²ˣ)

  59. deepak_chunilaljewel


  60. Thierry Hennet

    Really top!

  61. Batram

    Not shure about the processing…but fantastic car!!!

    Seen in my contacts’ Explore photos. (?)

  62. Big Rock Cat

    WOW!!! Me like! Wonderful texture!

  63. tangerine trip

    Amazing colors! Beautiful car.

  64. Paraic Brennan

    Wow brilliant!

  65. rbraeken

    Love that plugin too… Wished that I would have waited 2 weeks with buying it so I could have used your code :p

  66. pp1ct


  67. ramsah123

    What a marvelous photo it is and how beautiful that car is

  68. shotzy

    Impressive. I’ll have to check out Topaz.

  69. Stuck in Customs

    Thanks all!

  70. iceman9294

    welcome to the club Trey… Granted this is not Lucis but it is a brilliant solution for those who don’t have an extra $600 lying around.

  71. riati_cut3


  72. Scoutress

    I find everything about this photo to be sexy! *laughs at self*

  73. jime2521

    Está de un fino

  74. shahrooz_cenario


  75. gone151


  76. gone151


  77. gone151

    It iS vErY bEauTiful

  78. FrankGuido


    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  79. Brad Van Slooten

    Wow! This goes back to an era when GM knew how to make cars and money too.

    Now they can’t pay their bills and are nearly bankrupt. It’s a funny thing how time changes things.

  80. srm8603

    very nice!

  81. Jorge_E

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Our friends’ masterpieces, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  82. Kiki FL

    This is simply superb! Absolutely perfection! Congrats on Explore!

  83. GT BraZil


  84. mudpig

    great review on topaz – outside of your artistry the other reason i read your blog religiously :)

  85. Matt Romack Photography

    I hate Topaz Adjust..gross.

  86. powerwasher

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    HDR Dreams Invitation quot;
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    You are invited to post this photo at :
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  87. Surrealize

    Wonderful colors, just love this shot and don’t think you could have framed it any better! Wonderful blue lights surrounding the old classic with purple tones. I’ll have to check out the software you used, really like the results!

  88. عالي السكوت~ ما اسمعك

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called ســـــنا الـفضــــه – Sana Al Fida Group, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  89. Louise Lindsay

    wow- instant fav. I’m researching Topaz Adjust- and came across your page and reviews– thanks so much for posting.

  90. KerrEt999

    how much is this car?? i buy it $10m pesos…it should be jampong!!!

  91. dedliNZ

    Hi there – nice photo! We’d be pleased if you would consider entering this (or another like it) in our monthly photo contest. Many thanks.

  92. Chris Yarzab

    Really Nice. I was recently recommended Topaz Filters. I got them all and I really enjoy using them.

  93. Levi Escobar

    bel air

  94. victordei

    Wonderful image!
    Sardinian sunrise_8

  95. cuto amidei



  96. Gérard Farenc .



  97. Renato L.B. (Off)

    Bellísima edición.

    Seen in:
    Super Group Photographic

    Super Group Photographic

  98. T Martin2010

    Nice work, very eye catching.

  99. artland

    This is a wonderful shot!
    You are invited to post it to:


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