The Royal Entrance

The Royal Entrance
The Royal Entrance photo

Image by Stuck in Customs
Daily Photo – The Royal Entrance
It took me a long time to get this shot right. In fact, in the upcoming HDR DVD, I try to work on another version of this — a vertical one. No matter what I did, I could not get it quite sharp enough because of some camera shake. This one turned out okay.

This is one of the entry hallways into the amazing Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. Feel free, as with all the photos, to zoom into the maximum resolution version on SmugMug. And yes, I still think SmugMug is very cool and am still using it after three months. For more info, see my SmugMug Review.

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from Trey Ratcliff

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63 Responses to The Royal Entrance

  1. Stuck in Customs says:

  2. says:

    Stunning! Great lines and processing. The foreground truly looks 3D

  3. a.Vision says:

    very nice, well done.

  4. don j schulte @ oxherder arts says:

    The detail on that marble floor when viewed original size is amazing!

  5. Apogee Photography says:

    Beautiful shot!!

    I am really looking forward to your DVD. I really wanted to do your workshop in Austin but couldn’t make it.

  6. Jorge Uauy says:

    NO WORDS……i tried several times to do an HDR but never success…….

    keep working this way, your job is absolutely amazing!!!!

  7. CharleneM50 says:

    very beautiful golden colors. . .the floor looks raised. . .incredible!!

  8. kamal 99999 says:

    very nice

  9. kth_friend says:

    jumping jellybeans.. that is really popping.. the floor is stepping out all over the place.. very noice indeed..

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  10. pixelgrey says:

    The tiles give it a 3D floor! Awesome!!!

  11. Michael Connell says:

    The detail is great! That floor is wild – reminds me of the old Q*bert game!

  12. Chisin says:

    Fantastic capture. How you can get this is simply awesome. No humans too!

  13. ¡TK! says:

    that floor! seriously!

  14. ardibkb says:

    I love your stream!

  15. Phariborzz says:

    Again a fantastic job!

  16. Scott Smith (SRisonS) says:

    Absolutely amazing capture!!! Love the effect from the floor.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  17. James Mayer says:

    lovely! really looking forward to the HDR DVD!

  18. Jo_Underground says:

    Fantastic picture! Lovely!

  19. KR-Waleed says:

    Absolutely great work, Excellent.

  20. Jonathan Palfrey says:

    Wow, very striking. You needed the right lens and angle for this.

  21. cherikeeusa (Cheri) says:

    Superb – love the whole 3D thing you got going! And the light…well it rocks. Saw your book today in Barnes & Noble. Couldn’t afford it! :D

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  22. Alejandra H. Covarrubias says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called **Social Documentary Photography & events** (Post 1 Award 5) , and we’d love to have this added to the group!

    You are invited to add this superb documentary picture to:
    Social Documentary Photography

  23. JOSE LUIS CANO says:


  24. berpala says:

    This is one of the most beautiful images I have seen :-)
    Thank you for sharing.
    I invite you to see some of mine.- Greetings
    CATEDRAL/CATHEDRAL. LEÓN (Spain) . (Pulchra Leonina).
    Awesome Shot!



  25. borzoibob says:

    Freakily amazing ! Great work !

  26. Beppe's says:


  27. Dave Shiel says:

    Trey, this is fantastic!

  28. *~Falling Leaf Photography~* says:

    Absolutely b-e-a-utiful!

  29. Dave DiCello says:

    Wowwww, amazing details

  30. Farhat Al Harthy says:

    simply stunning

  31. neilalderney123 says:

    Nice one Trey
    As almost all my HDR’s are hand held, I know your issue with Camera shake ;-)

    Seen on my Flickr home page. ( ?² )

  32. Sprengben [why not get a friend] says:

    Hey friend, like your work
    Precise shooting :)

  33. ++NiklasPhotography++ says:

    Wow, that’s a great pic!

  34. kimbar/very busy, in and out says:

    Masterful – of course.

    Discovered using FlickrFox. (?)

  35. Wilfried.B says:

    Stunning processing, really like that floor!

  36. Hkuchera says:

    The floor is what makes this photo great – thanks for showing us!

  37. susan_r4 says:

    All time fav – beautiful Trey!

  38. LHG Creative Photography says:

    The processing on that is balanced perfectly, its beautiful.

  39. projectSEN says:


  40. superstar_ says:

    Looks like "Lara Croft" was been here .. . ;)

  41. Spodeworld says:


  42. Lord Emsworth says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Noble Architecture, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  43. Jill Clardy says:

    Great detail and symmetry – love the 3D effect of that marble floor

  44. Luciana DB says:

    wow.. really gorgeous!

  45. Fresnatic says:

    Trey, great job! I know what you mean about camera shake! You don’t want to set up a tripod here as the guards will shoo you away! Seems to be the case all over the Strip in Vegas. Here is mine from an early morning jaunt before all of the guests were awake!


  46. mlsnp says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Perspective and Symmetry, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  47. chirisantander says:

    Fantastic shot.

  48. Sunnyvaledave says:

    great job as usual. here’s my more conventional view. grand hall 3

  49. Freund Studio says:

    wow. Great nothing else to say.

  50. sisyphus007 says:

    Impressive place- the processing is crystal clear…superb.

  51. Dustin Hardwick says:

    this one is impressive Trey. one of my favorites i have seen you post lately.

    the sense of dimension given to the floor combined with the vanishing perspective really makes this one of your best

  52. G-Mans Shadow says:

    amazing detail, color and contrast. i really dig that "qbert" floor! you really pulled the 3d effect out of it.

  53. Vicent de los Angeles says:

    Stuning shot!

  54. Scott Barlow says:


  55. theManwhocanbemoved says:

    Superb editing !!! So royal and majestic !!!

  56. Daniele Guerriero says:

    wow this photo blow my mind! incredible!

    [ via Stuck in Customs’s flickriver  –Daniel needs a Reflex ]

  57. PauloHerbert says:

    fantastic, beautiful place

  58. DurangoBeach says:

    Magnificent — Majestic — Exquisite! This is an Excellent Interior Scenic Capture!!

  59. salfordlad1 says:

    Excellent..fantastic light.

  60. says:

    WOW This is awesome!!

    This is one of the best images ever!
    You deserve an award from…

    Best Images Ever

  61. Michael Beitz says:

    Whow, amazing shot.

  62. socrates197577 says:

    This amazing piece of Architecture was seen on Noble Architecture
    <Progress - On Explore Thank you for sharing your image with us. If you haven’t already, please Tag your images Noble Architecture

  63. Officer Phil says:

    Hi, I have modified this photo into a "virtual reality" format. You can find it on this page:


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