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The Pantheon

The Pantheon
The Pantheon photo

Image by Stuck in Customs
Scott and I went out almost every night taking photos all over Paris. The Pantheon here was right by our hotel. It was a rainy night when we were arriving home, so I had a feeling it would be a good time for photography! My intuition is not always spot-on, but in this case it worked out pretty well.

– Trey Ratcliff

Read the rest and see the long version of the SmugMug video here at the Stuck in Customs blog.


  1. digicla

    Well, the drops gives it a nice touch and your not run over by a car!

  2. bluehazyjunem

    nice picture.

  3. Jim Purcell

    Very interesting! This photo is stunning! Well done!

  4. luigig75

    wow love it!

  5. Nonac_Digi

    That’s a pretty incredible result Trey, even for you. Looks like a technique I’ve been experimenting with, I’ve not hit it quite this dramatic yet.

  6. Teresa Rosa

    Very well done. Love it!

  7. Edwinjones

    Brilliant dramatic photo, the rain does add to it

  8. Kevin Carroll

    great colour

  9. Adrian Midgley

    I prefer the Rome Pantheon, but this is nice.

  10. jeje.23

    Nice color effect…

  11. Jill Clardy

    Gorgeous golden flare !

  12. Margall photography

    amazing picture,masterpiece

  13. tobey308

    very cool

  14. ak.flickr

    Dan Brown needs to see this…:)

  15. firoze shakir photographerno1

    simply out of this world trey..

  16. Titoy' 

    bizarre celle ci mais pas mal. comment avez vous fait l’effet? c’est les lumières avec la pluie ou bien pause lente?

  17. johanbe

    Great night capture

  18. Matt Granz Photography

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  19. aa_just_thowt

    Super golden bursts!

  20. Tirolina23

    VERY MYSTIC, i like it!

  21. Alvamar


  22. kacosta2011

    Cool Picture Nice color

  23. HullFamilyPhoto

    Very cool look

  24. Redwood Creek Photography

    Looks like a pretty dangerous place to put a tripod! Awesome photo.

  25. Laurie Taylor.

    very nice! recently went there myself!

  26. Enrico C. (I'm a Nikonist)

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    vista in esplora
    12/ ottobre / 2011 .
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  27. sumonicus

    Man this turned out great. Well done Trey. BTW, aren’t you involved in video gaming too? Seems like I read that somewhere.

  28. fotografdude


  29. Tonx-

    Very nicely done!

  30. Snoos Pix

    Perfect capture!!

  31. Meiki67

    The lights, their reflections on the wet asphalt, the mood – all together I had to have it added to [http://www.flickr.com/photos/meiki67/galleries/72157629854253421/]

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