The Pantheon

The Pantheon
The Pantheon photo

Image by Stuck in Customs
Scott and I went out almost every night taking photos all over Paris. The Pantheon here was right by our hotel. It was a rainy night when we were arriving home, so I had a feeling it would be a good time for photography! My intuition is not always spot-on, but in this case it worked out pretty well.

– Trey Ratcliff

Read the rest and see the long version of the SmugMug video here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

31 Responses to The Pantheon

  1. digicla says:

    Well, the drops gives it a nice touch and your not run over by a car!

  2. bluehazyjunem says:

    nice picture.

  3. Jim Purcell says:

    Very interesting! This photo is stunning! Well done!

  4. luigig75 says:

    wow love it!

  5. Nonac_Digi says:

    That’s a pretty incredible result Trey, even for you. Looks like a technique I’ve been experimenting with, I’ve not hit it quite this dramatic yet.

  6. Teresa Rosa says:

    Very well done. Love it!

  7. Edwinjones says:

    Brilliant dramatic photo, the rain does add to it

  8. Kevin Carroll says:

    great colour

  9. Adrian Midgley says:

    I prefer the Rome Pantheon, but this is nice.

  10. jeje.23 says:

    Nice color effect…

  11. Jill Clardy says:

    Gorgeous golden flare !

  12. Margall photography says:

    amazing picture,masterpiece

  13. tobey308 says:

    very cool

  14. says:

    Dan Brown needs to see this…:)

  15. firoze shakir photographerno1 says:

    simply out of this world trey..

  16. Titoy'  says:

    bizarre celle ci mais pas mal. comment avez vous fait l’effet? c’est les lumières avec la pluie ou bien pause lente?

  17. johanbe says:

    Great night capture

  18. Matt Granz Photography says:

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  19. aa_just_thowt says:

    Super golden bursts!

  20. Tirolina23 says:

    VERY MYSTIC, i like it!

  21. Alvamar says:


  22. kacosta2011 says:

    Cool Picture Nice color

  23. HullFamilyPhoto says:

    Very cool look

  24. Redwood Creek Photography says:

    Looks like a pretty dangerous place to put a tripod! Awesome photo.

  25. Laurie Taylor. says:

    very nice! recently went there myself!

  26. Enrico C. (I'm a Nikonist) says:

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  27. sumonicus says:

    Man this turned out great. Well done Trey. BTW, aren’t you involved in video gaming too? Seems like I read that somewhere.

  28. fotografdude says:


  29. Tonx- says:

    Very nicely done!

  30. Snoos Pix says:

    Perfect capture!!

  31. Meiki67 says:

    The lights, their reflections on the wet asphalt, the mood – all together I had to have it added to []

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