The CNCC photo

Image by Stuck in Customs
Here is the convention center in Beijing at Dusk. They call it the CNCC. I don’t know what that stands for, but I can guess what two of the C’s mean.

This is a strange thing I have noticed about Beijing. Many people speak in abbreviations. I had many people tell me of the CNCC like it was something I knew perfectly well. I would just end up nodding because when I would ask for what it stood for, they were confused.

"You should go to the CNCC!" they say.

"What’s that?" I ask.

"Oh, you know! It’s the CNCC!" they respond.

– Trey Ratcliff

Read the rest and see a video of a fairly typical situation in a Chinese cab here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

68 Responses to The CNCC

  1. Silent G Photography says:

    AWESOME, Trey!

  2. Clementqc says:

    Brilliant view! The roads are like on fire!

    CNCC stands for China National Convention Centre.

  3. Rodney Topor says:

    Great timing, composition and processing!

  4. /the DON/ says:


  5. markinaustin says:

    Nicely done Trey!

  6. JIMERU says:

    Awesome work Trey.

  7. Pommedan (DG Images) says:

    Nice shot Trey!

  8. clay.wells says:

    whatever it stands for, it’s beautiful. and so is this image of it.

  9. Paul Wash says:

    Beautifully captured!
    Watched your little adventure in the Bejing taxi…laughed my ass off!
    Watched it again…ditto!

  10. ardy_hadinata says:

    great view.. !

  11. Keris Tuah says:

    Beautiful capture my friend !!!

  12. msonflk says:

    stunning work. this is very beautiful. congrats.

  13. crystalpeter says:

    The taxi drive said: "I don’t speak English".

  14. CameliaTWU says:

    Great shot!

  15. Rober1000x says:


  16. J. H. Photography says:


  17. satosphere says:

    That is a striking building, to say the least.

  18. Eduardo Kiehl says:

    perfect mate

  19. frorf says:

    wow could that be the China National Convention Center also
    known as the CNCC

  20. ♫ Lion ♫ says:


  21. Rivan Sigarlaki says:

    incredible! incredible! incredible! amazing color.

  22. avipatra {Busy} says:

    Awesome. Lovely colors!

  23. Trigolaço says:

    Very nice shot. Great place to visit.

    Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in Brazilian soccer?…

  24. =Я|Rod= says:

    Superb colors.

  25. Andre Rivest says:

    Spectacular shot. Love the light.

  26. rostcliff says:

    as the Chinese on the building says, it stands for “国家会议中心”

  27. Riccardo Brig Casarico says:

    Mi piace …. Molto bella .. complimenti per Explore !! Un saluto

    My photos ….


    My photos on Explore ….


  28. KittyKaht says:

    Looks absolutely stunning

  29. Almsaeed says:


  30. Valentino Grassi (Ideas in Motion) says:


  31. orourke265 says:

    Lovely picture, the detail is incredible.

  32. Ido Gur says:

    Fantastic capture!

  33. TWJp says:

    What an amazing balance of light and colour, how can anyone argue that this isn’t art?

  34. José Luis Luque says:

    Congrats on Explore!!! Greetings from Spain.

    José Luis Luque - View my recent photos on Flickriver

  35. Wags1966 says:

    Fabulous work!

  36. I-SEEN-IT RubenS says:

    WOW so amazing ! Well captured !

    Via Today’s Explore at #206 on Fluidr

  37. RkRao says:

    Wonderful Composition

    [ via flickriver explore  –RkRao ]

  38. Tony Shi. says:

    so like a 3d rendering!!

  39. Danger 80 says:

    Impressive shot.

  40. oxiourus says:

    nice work!

  41. حسام بشار الخضر Hussam Al Khoder says:

    Wonderful shot!
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  42. johanbe says:

    Great shot

  43. A-lain W-allior A-rtworks says:

    Beautiful !!! +fav

  44. tata montero says:


    seen on explore.

  45. Martin Kühn says:

    Buena Imagen!

    Check my Photostream :-)

    Via Today’s Explore at #206 on Fluidr

  46. Marcel vdM says:

    Perfect shot!! Wonderful lights and perfect colors!

  47. Margall photography says:


  48. David Baggins says:

    Great, your pictures are always awesome!

  49. FVDB aka Bonkalicious says:

    nice one. It has quite a natural feel to it while keeping the lights very electrified.

  50. photo-maker says:

    Wonderful photo !!!

  51. Saeed Nakho says:

    very nice :)
    congrats on explore!

  52. najeeb creatives says:

    breath taking!!!!

  53. JebbiePix says:

    great colors, great job

  54. Edwinjones says:

    Great shot, beautiful colors and detail

  55. stevenbulman44 says:

    One stunner of a cature, this is really magnificent

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  56. firoze shakir photographerno1 says:


  57. J.S. Wolf Photography says:

    i love the glow from the car lights in the streets!

  58. éricito says:

    awesome take!!!!

  59. fotografdude says:

    Fantastic shot….I love this one

  60. kimberlyrenee photography says:

    Wow! This is really fantastic! Congrats on Explore!!!

    Via yesterday’s Explore at #401 on Fluidr

  61. Tony Shi. says:

    the long expo makes all the taffic disappears, love it

  62. nabilishes [busy with project and reports] says:

    nicely processed as usual

  63. Titoy'  says:

    lot of couleur, c’est pure, j’aime !

  64. Qba from Poland says:

    This shot is awesome. woOOow ! Love the tones, light and PoV !

  65. offdaLipp Images says:

    Stellar capture with the shutter lagged! Love it

  66. A n t a r e s | سآيلنتــ says:

    SO beautiful

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