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Changing trends in the gardening industry

Changing trends in the gardening industry photo

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Gardening was a very fast growing recreational activity until the year 2005 where the trend reversed gradually. Plants and garden related products were being sold at a very declining rate. With the economic recession in 2008, this downward trend in gardening became faster. Many of the major companies in the gardening industry began claiming bankruptcy and the demand for roses dropped considerably.

Gardening is a career that always caters to ongoing trends. Therefore, in this industry, if the trends are not acknowledged, careers, businesses, customers and students are all are all at stake. Ten years ago, those interested in gardening would pay thumping amounts to sit through a lecture on what’s hot and what’s not in plants and garden trends. Those audiences included baby boomers and seniors who were looking at gardening as an inspiration to their lives. These bunches of seniors are now not in the equation and the baby boomers are weakening as retirement approaches.

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